10 Things We Learned From the BEAST

Hello Asia! has been focusing on the best in Asian Music and Culture since 2012. Based in Australia, HA! brings their unique perspective to events from Korea to Hong Kong, Japan to Taiwan and the greater Asian region. Edited by Australian industry veteran Johnny Au, Hello Asia! is one of the region’s most read digital publications and part of the AU review network. Here, writer Chantelle Yeung recalls her experience with BEAST in Australia.

K-pop group BEAST touched down in Sydney for the next leg of their ‘Ordinary’ Fan Meet after a 4-year wait and it was a pretty sweet reunion between the members and their (very patient) fans, Beauties. In the meantime, the very talented boys taught me a thing or two about what it means to see them in the flesh.


10. Hyunseung never stops dancing.
Like, ever. He was constantly improvising during other member’s parts, showing Beauties why he is part of BEAST’s dance line.


9. Kikwang is king of fanservice.
Although all of the members were extremely friendly Kikwang definitely went the extra mile to show his love for Beauties as he smiled and waved for photos, went close to the pit, sent hearts and a sweat towel flying into the audience and even shared a water bottle with a lucky chosen fan during one of the games! Cue my melting heart.


8. The beauty of Yoseob’s hands is real.
Often mentioned in online compilation posts of beautiful idol hands, I’m sure the fans who came along to the hi-touch event would agree!


7. Yoseob is also good at darts.
Goes to show that you can’t know everything about your faves..? Yoseob was able to pop all three balloons with ease during the darts game, winning prizes for Beauties!


6. Shock is everyone’s jam.
Every day. Every night.


5. The boys are always willing to try something new.
The members all made an effort to speak in English even though there was a translator (we appreciate it!) and seemed to be having a blast throughout the games.


4. Face massaging rollers are really fascinating.
According to Yoseob and Dongwoon anyway. One of the prizes to be won during the dart game, the pair were enthusiastically massaging their own and other members’ faces.


3. Humming Australian songs and nursery rhymes is hard.
Sorry! Kikwang’s rendition of ‘One Potato, Two Potatoes’ was pretty stunning though – as he said, he is indeed a good listener!


2. Their live performance is on point.
But I guess you all knew that right? ‘Nuff said.


1. The four-year wait was worth it.
But let’s hope that it won’t be so long before we see you again BEAST!

Photos by Johnny Au

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