Lim Kim Asks Someone to “Stay Ever” in Dreamlike Music Video

Togeworl’s Lim Kim has released a new digital single “Stay Ever” featuring rapper Verbal Jint. The slow-tempo R&B track was produced by singer Yoon Jong Shin and 015B’s Jung Suk Won, with lyrics by singer Jang Jae In and Verbal Jint.

The song is perfect for the cold weather, pairing Lim Kim’s trademark husky vocals with Verbal Jint’s smooth rapping in an easygoing chemistry. The lyrics express the hesitation of a couple in a car outside one of their houses, not wanting to leave each other quite yet.

lim kim verbal jint

In the music video, a woman (not the singer) stays in a hotel, looking mysterious and pensive as she wanders from her room to the pool to the cocktail bar. The pastel colors and dreamlike aesthetic suit the moody, romantic feel of the song, while neon accents here and there give off an old-fashioned, vintage vibe.

Watch the music video below:

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