10 Korean Skincare Products That Will Save Your Dry Skin

Winter brings about a bunch of lovely things. Snow, holidays, vacation, hot chocolate, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, the season also makes skin quite dry (depending on the climate). The dry weather along with heaters can make for extremely parched skin. While drinking water and using humidifiers helps, sometimes it’s just not enough. Thus we compiled a list of Korean skincare products that will help save you from flaky skin this winter. Check them out and let us know which products you have tried and which ones you are interested in!

Sum37 Secret Essence

During winter, layering is key. Korean skincare typically incorporates 10 steps or more in order to provide maximum moisturization and benefits. First essences are continuing to be steady bestsellers and vital to having youthful and supple skin. su:m37’s Secret Essence is a great lightweight essence that can be used as the first or second step of your routine. Using this alone will not alleviate your dry skin, you must use it in conjunction with other products. Tony Moly’s Intense Care Galactomyces First Essence is a more affordable option.

Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softener

After the first essence treatment, many Koreans use toner which is also called “skin” in Korean. This product provides some lightweight moisture while balancing your skin and toning it. Hanyul’s Rice Essential Skin Softener is all the rage these days. Their new Jinaek version provides more moisture than your typical toner and gives you noticeable results. Although it is quite moisturizing, it’s definitely possible to use this product even when the weather isn’t dry much like first essences.

The Face Shop The Therapy Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Serum

Oil serums have launched this year and they are rapidly becoming popular. This new type of skincare product combines serum with oil as the name implies. The extra oil serves to moisturize skin more effectively. The Face Shop’s The Therapy Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Serum is a gel infused with droplets of oil. In addition to being helpful during dry periods, this product could be used year-round for individuals with dry complexions. I’m also loving Innisfree’s Ginger Oil Serum which has two versions: original and rich.

Etude House Honey Cera Priming Eye Serum

Be sure to avoid neglecting your eye area. If you suffer from dryness around your eyes, try Etude House’s Honey Cera Priming Eye Serum. The honey and ceramides in this eye serum will help firm, moisturize, and brighten your eye area. The metal tip assists with de-puffing and preventing dark circles (of course thorough sleep is the best). If you’re concerned that this eye serum might be too moisturizing for your skin type, try Mamonde’s Age Control Eye Cream instead.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

Innisfree’s Orchid Enriched Cream consists of a special orchid elixir that comes from a Jeju orchid that is able to withstand winter and blossom in cold weather. With anti-aging properties, this cream provides multiple benefits including improving elasticity and tightening pores. There is a gel version for people with oily skin and an intense version for individuals who need more moisture.

Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm

We can’t forget our lips. Even if your skin isn’t dry, your lips are more susceptible to the negative effects of cold weather. Since honey is a great natural moisturizer, Innisfree’s Canola Honey Lip Balm can help soothe your lips. If you aren’t a fan of squeeze tube lip balms, there’s also a stick version available (which I personally prefer but liquid-type balms are generally more moisturizing).

Primera Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil

Let’s say you’ve used all of the products above, but you’re still lacking in moisture. Then it’s time to bring out a facial oil. Facial oils are great at providing deep moisture and locking in all of the other products you used. Primera’s Miracle Seed Concentrate Oil is full of antioxidants; you can mix it in with your cream or essence as well. Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Oil is also great.

Etude House Mineral Bottle Facial Mist Deep Moisture

Okay, now you’re all set. You put on all of your moisturizing skincare and maybe some makeup on top of it. Use a facial mist like Etude House’s Mineral Bottle Facial Mist Deep Moisture to make sure your skin continues to be moisturized throughout the day. There’s also a smaller version that would be handy to keep in your bag or backpack.

Nature Republic Forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil

What do you use to remove your makeup? Cleansing water and cleansing wipes can actually make your skin feel drier at times. In order to keep your skin as moisturized as possible, try a cleansing oil. Nature Republic’s Forest Garden Chamomile Cleansing Oil is a good basic cleansing oil that will remove your makeup well (do follow up with a regular cleanser afterwards though). One of my friends swears by illi’s Moisture Cleansing Oil.

Happy Bath Real Moisture Body Oil

By now you might have noticed that a lot of these moisturizing products have oil in them. Yes, it’s a recurring theme. Oil is very moisturizing! You can also use a body oil (in conjunction with a body lotion or cream if you want) to eliminate flaky skin. Happy Bath’s Real Moisture Oil smells pleasantly and lightly fruity. You can also use 3 Concept Eyes’s Deep Moisturizing Body Oil Mist for more convenient application.

I hope this list of moisturizing Korean skincare products is helpful for you. If you still experience dry skin despite all of these products, you will need to layer more and possibly incorporate a few more products. If you have minimal dryness, then you will only need to try one or two of these products. Try different combinations and see what works for your skin. Good luck and don’t forget to share your comments below!

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