Lee Jong Hyuk’s Son Lee Taksu Wants to Become a K-pop Idol and Actor

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk‘s son Lee Taksu has big dreams of being a star like his father, and it sounds like he’s working hard to make them come true!

12-year-old Lee Taksu is no stranger to the spotlight, as he often made appearances on the reality show “Dad! Where Are We Going?” when Lee Jong Hyuk and his younger son Lee Junsu, who were regular members on the show, were seen at home or went on family trips.

On December 9’s episode of SBS Radio Power FM‘s “Cultwo Show,” Lee Jong Hyuk appears as one of the guests. A message is read on air from a listener, who writes, “I’m the teacher of a recreation program. In one of my programs, there was a child who really caught my eye. He was especially good at singing and played the guitar well. It turned out he was Lee Jong Hyuk’s son.”

Lee Jong Hyuk responds, “That must be my eldest, Taksu. Lately he’s been learning the guitar.”

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“Taksu wants to be an actor,” he says. “He says first he wants to play the guitar and become an idol, and then be an actor. So I told him he needs to study hard first.”

Lee Jong Hyuk often shares photos of his children on his Instagram, giving fans a glimpse of just how much they’ve grown up since their appearance on “Dad! Where Are We Going?” Check out some recent shots of the adorable brothers below!

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lee jong hyuk junsu taksu

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Lee Jong Hyuk’s new film “The File” will be in theaters on December 10.

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