Wong Fu Productions Team Takes On BIGBANG’s “Bang Bang Bang” Choreography

Time to get a group of friends together to learn the dance for BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang” with the help of Phil from Wong Fu Productions!

In a recent video uploaded by Wong Fu Productions, the Wong Fu team resolves to learn how to perform the choreography for “Bang Bang Bang” together for a video. They reveal that they’re fans of BIGBANG, and that they recently went to one of their concerts together.

“We all fantasize about wanting to be a K-pop star,” says Phil to the team, “and actually these dances moves are pretty… I think you guys could handle it.”

We then get to see Phil break down the dance step by step for the members of the Wong Fu team, which can help you learn the moves too!

Check out their choreography lesson and see them all get their swag on for the final product below.

Have you ever tried to learn the dance for a K-pop track?