BTS’ Manager Dismissed After Video Shows Him Threatening Jungkook

A video was recently uploaded on social media that appears to show one of BTS’ managers threatening one of the members.

In the short clip, the manager raises his hand against Jungkook, possibly as if to hit him, and Jungkook appears to flinch slightly in response. There are also reports that in the background the manager is saying, “Get lost while I’m still speaking nicely.” The clip is from BTS’ “2016 Seasons Greetings DVD” making video.

In light of the issue, fans also drew attention to a clip of Mnet’s “MEET&GREET” where BTS is eating together when V and Jungkook appear to catch someone’s eye outside of the frame of the camera and put their pizza down.

A representative of Big Hit Entertainment originally downplayed the issue, reporting that it was likely a misunderstanding and asking fans to wait for official statements. On December 10, the company released an official apology through their Twitter.

“We’re sorry for making the fans worried through the ‘2016 BTS Seasons Greetings DVD Making Video,’” Big Hit Entertainment wrote. “In order to help our artists express themselves, Big Hit Entertainment prohibits coercive or oppressive actions. We take responsibility that a problematic action was caught on a video that was supposed to be meaningful for fans.”

“The manager in question has admitted his error and the company will be responsible for his dismissal from his position as well as making sure that the superiors also take responsibility for the issue,” they continued.

They wrapped up by assuring fans that they will enforce a new internal regulation system to prevent such issues from occurring again and that they will be examining all online evidence of previous similar incidents.

“We will work harder to build trust and respect with our artists,” they wrote.

You can watch the incident in question below:

Fans have found another instance in which V actually got hit (around 9:52):

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