SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Woohyun’s Bromance Is Still Going Strong

Fans caught a glimpse of famous best friends SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Woohyun adorable friendship earlier today through Instagram. The two are known to be extremely good friends and have previously promoted together through the unit Toheart.

Yesterday evening, Woohyun posted a short clip of himself munching down on a fake apple. The animated apple on the screen switched and changed shape with his movements, and the singer made sure to treat fans to a variety of cute expressions along the way. He captioned the video “Crunch crunch.”

남우현(@nwh91)님이 게시한 동영상님,

A few hours earlier today, Key responded to the post, gently teasing Woohyun’s childish nature.

“Mister, you’re almost 26 [years old]…”

woohyun key

Fans responded positively with comments like “kkkkkk ‘almost 26’ kkkk so cute @bumkeyk” and “Even if he is almost 26 it’s still ok, he’ll always be cute to us,” and others simply responding with laughing emoticons.

What cute friends!