INFINITE’s Sunggyu Encourages Hoya and Woohyun With Moving Messages on “Showtime”

On the first episode of INFINITE‘s season of MBC Every1‘s “Showtime,” Sunggyu takes on the role of a radio DJ and uses the opportunity to talk to his fellow members, who are listening while driving around.

During his radio show, Sunggyu talks about how difficult it is has been for member Hoya since he suffered an ankle injury in the summer of 2014. Sunggyu says that his injury has made it hard for him to dance on stage like he used to, but that some people have been accusing Hoya of choosing not to dance, instead of being unable to. “For someone who is so passionate about dancing, it must be so frustrating and like hell for him to have to sit on stage during a concert when he’s meeting his fans,” says Sunggyu. Hoya silently listens to Sunggyu’s message in his car, after having pulled over to the side of the road.

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“Since all of us INFINITE members know what’s really going on, don’t overwork yourself,” Sunggyu tells Hoya. “Just believe in us, and focus on your treatment, okay? Hoya, fighting!” The other members then also record video messages for Hoya, encouraging him to stay strong and saying they hope he feels better soon.

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Sunggyu also takes the chance to talk about the hard time that Woohyun recently went through. “One of our members is in charge of making the rest of us laugh,” says Sunggyu. “He’s very talkative and loud, and that cheerfulness is the image that most people see of him. But he’s actually an introvert.”

Sunggyu goes on to say that if Woohyun makes even a small mistake, he will stay up all night thinking about it. “Recently he went through his worst slump since our debut,” adds Sunggyu. “He was worn out because of our busy schedules and everything he had to take responsibility for on stage. There were some fans who weren’t able to accept the fact that such a cheerful person had become quiet.”

“Even I got angry at the way he was acting, and we had a big fight,” continues Sunggyu. “But one day I caught him crying backstage, and I regretted everything.” When he hears this, Woohyun looks as though he is holding back tears.

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“Woohyun, I’ll take better care of you from now on,” says Sunggyu. He adds that he hopes they can become close friends and partners who can tell each other everything.

infinite sunggyu

“Also could you do me a favor?” asks Sunggyu. “Could you play soccer a little less and talk to me more?” Sunggyu then says that Woohyun’s been happier lately, and he plays the song “Just Once” by James Ingram for him.

infinite woohyun

You can catch more of INFINITE in December 10’s episode of “Showtime”!

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