April Releases Cute Puzzle Teasers for Winter Special Album

After releasing their first single album, girl group April will be unveiling their first winter special album. In preparation for their comeback, the group has revealed cute puzzle teasers alluding to their special winter track.

Individual puzzle teasers were released through their official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and fan cafe site. All of the images announce that the album will be released on December 21. The difference between the photos includes the parts of the mystery image and title. Look at the puzzle teasers below and see if you can figure it out yourself!

April teaser 1 April teaser 2 April teaser 3

The last puzzle teaser on their official fan cafe site is only viewable by registered members of the fan cafe. Could you figure out the puzzle? It looks like their winter track will be titled “Snowman” and have a snowman theme.

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