Updated: New Group Asks “Who Is MASK?” in Debut Teasers

Updated 12/23/15 KST:

The next MASK member to reveal his individual teaser is Hee Jae! It looks like the group is quite well-rounded in their talents with A.C.E being a bomb rapper and 26 being an amazing choreographer. Hee Jae’s gift is acting!

In the teaser you can see clips of Hee Jae before and after heartbreak. It appears as though he is capable of crying on cue! Check out his teaser and the other teasers below:

Updated 12/20/15 KST:

And another member of MASK has released his teaser – this time it’s 26! While the previous member teaser video for A.C.E had focused on rapping, 26 went straight for dancing with a self-choreographed piece to Apashe’s “Golden Empire.” Not only did 26 choreograph his teaser performance, but he has also been directing all of MASK’s videos to date. Have you been loving the teasers? Make sure you direct your compliments towards him!

For anyone concerned as to how to pronounce his name, you actually pronounce each number individually in Korean — so it’s “Yi-ryuk.” His name has a double-meaning, as “yi-ryuk” in Korean also means “taking-off.” With so much of his talent already being displayed, we’re pretty sure that 26 will be taking-off into stardom very soon!

Updated 12/16/15 KST:

MASK has revealed more about A.C.E through his individual teaser video! Here he is throwing down an original verse to “Moved On” by Rayven Justice.

Will MASK be a hip hop group or is A.C.E the group’s main rapper? We’ll have to keep waiting for the other member introduction videos to find out!

Original 12/11/15 KST:

Joining the slew of new groups of 2015, rookie boy group MASK has released a teaser leading up to their debut.

The four members of the group are A.C.E, 26, Woo Soo, and Hee Jae, and the name of the group is an acronym for “Make a Success and Kudos.” According to the group’s official Facebook page, individual teasers for the members will be released at random.

MASK will debut with a mini-album and the title track is called “I Can’t Breathe.” It’s difficult to hazard a guess at what the group’s sound will be, but based on the visuals in the teaser it’s probably a safe bet to say they may have drawn inspiration from groups such as B.A.P or BTS.

Are you anticipating this upcoming debut? Check out the teaser for yourself!

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Update July 27, 2016:

MASK announces that their name has been changed to MASC.

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