Star Empire Entertainment Prepares to Debut New Boy Group IMFACT

It appears Star Empire Entertainment has appointed the successors to ZE:A! The agency, which manages ZE:A (Children of Empire), 9MUSES, and former Jewelry member Yewon, is planning to debut a new boy group in January 2016.

The group, called IMFACT, is made up of five members named Lee Ji An (leader), Kim Tae Ho, Lee Sang, Park Je Up, and Na Ung Jae. Their group name is a combination of the phrases “IMPACT” and “I’M FACT.” The first part means that the group will have an “impact” on the music industry, while the second part means that the group will produce honest, truthful music for their fans.

Star Empire Entertainment said, “Our first project of the year is planned to be IMFACT’s debut. The group has talent in producing and writing music as well as having good visuals. Please anticipate their debut.”

The group have opened an official fancafe as well as official YouTube, Twitter, and Weibo accounts. You can see more of the members ahead of their debut through their reality program, “IMFACT ALIVE.” Watch the first episode below:

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