Kwak Si Yang Gets a Kiss on the Cheek from Kim So Yeon in Return for Ramyun on “We Got Married”

On December 12’s episode of “We Got Married,” Kim So Yeon gives her virtual husband Kwak Si Yang a kiss on the cheek in return for some delicious ramyun.

At Kwak Si Yang’s suggestion, the pair turn one of the rooms in their house into “SiSo’s Comic Book Cafe,” complete with a very unique menu board. While they’re writing up the board with the snacks they’re going to serve at their cafe, Kwak Si Yang says, “Since I’m the owner, I’m going to decide what the prices are. Jjajang ramyun should cost one hug.”

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Kim So Yeon laughs shyly but then says, “Isn’t that too little?” Kwak Si Yang says he agrees, since he knows Kim So Yeon likes jjajang ramyun a lot. In the end, they decide that it should cost a three-second kiss.

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Once their cafe is all set up, Kim So Yeon pretends to come into the cafe as a customer, marveling at all their comic books and ordering some jjajang ramyun.

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She tries to get away without paying with a kiss by using her aegyo, but Kwak Si Yang refuses to budge. After some discussion, they agree that the best location for the kiss would be his cheek, but Kwak Si Yang cleverly says, “I’ll count!” He’s then sure to stretch it out as long as possible as he counts to three.

They dig in to the ramyun right away after the kiss, but Kim So Yeon stops all of a sudden. “Wait a minute,” she says. “Aren’t we too close with each other now?” She laughs and explains, “We used to blush and get all flustered when we kissed each other on the cheek. But now after we kiss, we just start eating right away!”

Kim So Yeon then says in her interview that she now feels so comfortable with Kwak Si Yang that she doesn’t feel awkward at all with him, even during moments like that.

Watch the cute kiss below!

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