Lee Min Ho Warns Fans Not to Purchase Unauthorized Concert Tickets at Premium Prices

It’s no secret that where there are concerts, there are scalpers, or people who sell tickets illegally at outrageous prices. However, Lee Min Ho and his company have taken a strong stance against scalpers who take advantage of fans.

The news of scalping came to light after rumors that Lee Min Ho’s solo talk concert “Minoz World: Minoz Mansion” would come to Shanghai. So far, only stops in Korea and Japan have been confirmed, but already scalpers in China have started ripping off fans for fake tickets at premium prices. In response, Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus Entertainment released a statement on December 12 in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English, warning fans not to buy tickets illegally.

Lee Min Ho said that he’s worried more for the fans than he is for himself, and requested that fans take special caution not to become victims of fraud. It isn’t the first time this year the issue of scalping has come to the media’s attention, either; SM Entertainment announced it would take action against the scalping of tickets for their “The Agit” series of solo concerts in the fall.

The full text of Starhaus Entertainment’s English statement is as follows:

“Hello, this is Starhaus Entertainment.
 We have confirmed that as of December 12 2015, under the title of [“Actor Lee Min Ho’s Shanghai Concert”], people are scalping tickets (unauthorized tickets) in many regions of China. All information regarding the sales of Lee Min Ho’s concert tickets is announced through its official website. Therefore, it is illegal to purchase tickets through channels other than ones listed on the official website. It is our hope that no one will suffer any disadvantages by dealing with scalpers.

Lee Min Ho’s concerts next year in Korea (January 16th) and in Japan (January 25th) have been confirmed. The concert in Shanghai is in plans but has not been confirmed as of yet.

If and when the Shanghai concert is confirmed, we will announce it to you, the fans, first. We are sorry for any inconveniences you may have suffered due to the illegal activities of the scalpers because we know very well how much you anticipate and love Lee Min Ho’s concerts.

We appreciate your love for Lee Min Ho and we thank you ahead of time for your understanding.”

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