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On the latest episode of “The Return of Superman,” which aired on December 13, Song Il Gook decides to test Minguk to find out how he behaves when his dad isn’t around and what he thinks about his dad, inspired by what Lee Hwi Jae did with his twins on an earlier episode.

Instead of using a teddy bear like Lee Hwi Jae, Song Il Gook finds a robot. While Minguk is sitting by himself in a room for a time out, the robot enters and starts talking to Minguk. Although Minguk is curious and excited, unable to contain a smile, he says, “I’m being punished right now, so I can’t say hi,” keeping his promise to his dad even though he isn’t in the room.

So far so good, Song Il Gook revisits Minguk and gives him a kiss, punishment over. He asks Minguk to stay with the robot, however, as he has more to ask.

After leaving the room, Song Il Gook asks via the robot, “Who do you like most in the world?” Minguk responds, “Prank,” a character from a show he watches. Song Il Gook, wound up with anticipation, is majorly disappointed. He goes for the next best thing, asking, “Who do you like second best after Prank?”

the return of superman song il gook

Minguk delivers, saying, “I like Dad the most,” and Song Il Gook can’t contain his happiness.

song il gook the return of superman

You can watch the full episode here:


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