Artist Claims That Her Artwork Was Used Without Permission for IU’s Album Cover

American artist, Jessica H. Lee recently penned a blog post online in which she claims that her artwork was used without her permission for the cover of IUs latest album “Chatshire.”

In her blog post, the artist highlights the similarities between her own artwork and the illustrations on IU’s cover. Although the sketches aren’t exactly the same, the artist notes that the drawing style and coloring are extremely similar. She also writes that after doing additional research, she found that the artist connected to IU’s album cover art had previously contacted her on a different project in the past.

After reaching out to IU’s illustrator, the illustrator admitted to Lee that she had used Lee’s art as inspiration for her own work. However, after consulting with colleagues who expressed doubts, Lee argues that the artwork goes beyond simple inspiration due to the similarities between the two.

The artist has put together side-by-side comparisons of her own artwork with IU’s album cover. Take a look at her post for the pictures and let us know what you think.

Do you think that IU’s album imagery was copied, or that the works were dissimilar enough to constitute inspiration?