“Reply 1988” Staff Praises Park Bo Gum’s Good Personality

Park Bo Gum is one of the hottest actors these days due to his role in “Reply 1988,” and with his soaring popularity, his good character is also receiving attention as well.

In a post of that seems to have been written by a staff member of “Reply 1988,” the writer compliments Park Bo Gum. Though the writer is 14 years older than the actor, he/she said, “Park Bo Gum respectfully bows to the other person until he is noticed.”

The writer also shared a personal experience with the actor on the set of “Reply 1988.”

According to the writer, though the original plan was to film inside then move outdoors afterwards, adjustments had to be made because of forecasts of rain. The staff members had laid out Park Bo Gum’s outfit in his room accordingly.

When the outdoors filming was reaching an end, Park Bo Gum ran into the wardrobe room and brightly announced, “They have canceled filming because it is raining too much.”

To the writer’s surprise, Park Bo Gum had also collected the outfit in his room and ran with it in his arms so that it wouldn’t get wet in the rain.

“Bo Gum is Taek. Bo Gum is love. His parents must be so proud of him,” the writer said.

“Though he has just started his acting career, I hope he keeps his good character for a long time and receive the love of many,” the writer added. “Just like Chil Bong was Kim Jae Joon in ‘Reply 1994’ in my heart, I believe Taek shall always be Deok Sun’s husband to me.”

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