INFINITE to Take On Extreme Cooking Challenge on “Showtime”

INFINITE will be given an intense cooking challenge inspired by the hit show “Three Meals a Day” in the next episode of “Showtime”!

The twist is that instead of having to prepare three meals in one day, it’s reported that the members are challenged with cooking and eating seven meals. They have to cook all the meals on their own without any help while staying in a traditional house on Ganghwa Island.

It’s said that they don’t have the time to process the shock of the news that they’ll be eating seven meals in a day before they have to get right to cooking. They divide into three teams, with one group in charge of cooking, another getting groceries, and another keeping the fire going.

The guys of INFINITE aren’t familiar at all with cooking in a traditional kitchen, which requires them to cut firewood to be used in the fireplace. It’s reported that not only do they struggle with trying to cook in a pot that they can barely see into because of all the steam, they also have to deal with trying to wash dishes in freezing cold water.

INFINITE isn’t able to finish a single dish before noon, and so leader Sunggyu gets impatient and makes some joking comments to get the guys to hurry it up. However the members who’ve been suffering under Sunggyu’s nagging reportedly soon get to enjoy watching him lose in their games, meaning he has to eat hot peppers and wash the dishes with his bare hands in the frigid water.

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This episode of INFINITE’s “Showtime” will be airing on December 17 at 6 p.m. KST on MBC Every1.

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