Song Il Gook’s New Historical Drama Releases Intense Trailer

KBS‘s upcoming historical drama starring Song Il Gook has released a thrilling new trailer!

The much-anticipated drama “Jang Young Sil” tells the story of a brilliant scientist who lived during the Joseon period. Although born into the lower class, Jang Young Sil’s talent was recognized by King Sejong, and he was chosen to be an inventor at the royal court, where he created some of the period’s most impressive innovations.

Song Il Gook stars as the inventor Jang Young Sil himself, alongside a cast that includes Park Sun Young, Kim Sang Kyung, Kim Young Chul, and more.

The new trailer gives us a glimpse at the drama, and also shows Song Il Gook playing Jang Young Sil in full genius mode as he sketches out a design for one of his famous inventions.

“Jang Young Sil” will be airing its first episode on January 2 on KBS. Are you excited to watch?