Cheetah Drops Edgy Video Teaser for “Star Wars”

Rapper Cheetah has given fans a taste of her exciting new single “Star Wars.”

On December 16, the artist released a video teaser for her comeback release. The vibrant and futuristic visuals of the video nicely complement the edgy hip-hop beat, and the rapper looks as stylish as ever posing for the camera. Near the end of the clip, she says “Listen, I’m your mother,” and makes a fun little reference to the legendary “I am your father” line from the Star Wars films.

The timing for her single is more than appropriate, and probably just as planned, as the highly anticipated “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is set to open in Korean theaters on December 18. Her single is slated for release on the same day at noon.

Check out the teaser — deemed unsuitable for minors, most likely due to some strong language — below!