VIXX’s Leo to Shed His Idol Stage Name for Upcoming Musical Role

VIXX member Leo was recently cast in his second ever musical role for the musical “Mata Hari.” However, he has decided not to perform the role as Leo, but rather under his real name, Jung Taek Woon.

“Mata Hari” is about an exotic dancer during the First World War who works as a spy for the Germans, using her Dutch nationality to easily travel between countries. Jung Taek Woon is cast as Armand, the man that Mata Hari falls in love with, and is double cast alongside Uhm Ki Joon and Song Chang Eui.

Musical fans in Korea are known for disliking idols being cast in musicals for a number of reasons; many idols are inexperienced in stage acting and their busy schedules prevent them from practicing very much, and because the company spends most of its budget hiring idols, the ticket prices are driven up while the production value suffers. In addition, idols are usually double cast alongside other, more experienced actors. The more roles that are double cast, the less rehearsal time each actor gets with each possible cast. It’s no wonder Jung Taek Woon would want to separate himself from his idol image to avoid that stereotype.

Meanwhile, Jung Taek Woon made his musical debut in “Full House” last year, credited as Leo from VIXX.

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