BTS Takes 4th Win for “Run” on “Show Champion”

The boys of BTS have taken home another win for “Run”!

Marking their second consecutive week on top, BTS was crowned the winner of this week’s “Show Champion” on December 16.

In the middle of the broadcast, they gave a short thank-you speech to express their gratitude for last week’s trophy, which they were unable to receive in person due to overlapping overseas schedules.

Finally, they were also announced as this week’s winners, beating strong competitors TaeTiSeo, PSY, EXID, and EXO.

The members went on to thank their fans for all the love and support. For their encore, the boys filled their new trophy with water and made their Golden Maknae Jungkook drink it all at once. This appears to be a recurring ceremony; on last week’s “Music Bank,” the youngest showed off some rather sensual dance moves.

After the live broadcast, member Jimin took to BTS’ official Twitter to thank fans once more. He shared a photo of their two “Show Champion” trophies with the receiver’s name in one of them replaced with their fan club’s name and wrote, “Congrats, you received an award, ARMY.”

bts award

Congratulation to BTS for their fourth win!

Winner Announcement + Encore

Interview + Last Week’s Award


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