Watch: BTS’ J-Hope and Jungkook Share a Penalty Kiss on “Weekly Idol”

The boys of BTS suffer a hilarious punishment for failing a challenge on the December 16 episode of “Weekly Idol.”

For the segment titled “Random Play Dance Corner,” MC Defconn suggests that the penalty for getting a part of the choreography wrong should be kissing one of the members. Unfortunately for them, the first two members to mess up are J-Hope and Jungkook.

bts kiss

The two openly cringe at the thought of having to kiss one another, even if only on the cheek. However, they grit their teeth and bear it, yelling out “let’s not get it wrong anymore!”

In the end, J-Hope successfully kisses Jungkook on the cheek, causing the other members to bust out laughing in shock. Check out the hilarious clip below!

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