Im Hyung Taek, the PD of SBS‘s variety show “Running Man,” has shared his thoughts about the format of the show, as well as the idea of a collaboration between “Running Man” and MBC‘s “Infinite Challenge.”

Infinite Challenge” PD Kim Tae Ho recently talked in a lecture about possibly adopting a season format for his popular variety show. Im Hyung Taek says, “A season format seems to be necessary, whether it’s for the good of a program or its producers. I agree with what Kim Tae Ho said.”

“However, in reality, using a season format for ‘Running Man’ would be difficult,” says Im Hyung Taek. “‘Running Man’ needs its established members. A season format would mean that the character of the show and the members would have to keep changing. We would be in danger of losing the spirit of ‘Running Man.'”

Kim Tae Ho also mentioned in his lecture that he’s thought about the idea of a collaboration between “Infinite Challenge” and “Running Man,” which he imagines would be broadcast over the Internet instead of on television.

In his interview, Im Hyung Taek says that he saw an article about Kim Tae Ho’s comments. “That article made me curious,” he says. “Since both shows star Yoo Jae Suk and Haha, it seems like it could be possible. Wouldn’t a collaboration in itself be new and fun? Even thinking about it is exciting.”

Although Kim Tae Ho and Im Hyung Taek have both thought about the collaboration, there are quite a few problems to iron out before it could happen. Im Hyung Taek says, “The collaboration between our programs hasn’t begun concretely yet. We’re just at the stage of considering the idea. If we were to do it, there would be a lot of steps to go through. It would be very complicated. The biggest hurdle would be the coordination between our two companies.”

“Even if we were to broadcast it over the Internet, it still wouldn’t be easy to make,” Im Hyung Taek continues. “However, I imagine that the day will come where it will happen, through some platform or another, if we keep thinking about it and looking forward to it.”

Would you like to see a collaboration between “Running Man” and “Infinite Challenge”? What would you like to see the two casts do together?

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