“Concept-Idols” VIXX Mesmerize in High Cut

“Concept-idols” VIXX have appeared in a stunning pictorial for High Cut.

On December 17, High Cut released a series of three images previewing VIXX’s pictorial in their latest issue. The photos released show VIXX casting pointed gazes at the camera, and emphasize their modeling ability.

Along with a group shot, a double shot of Leo and N, and a single shot of Hongbin were released. In Leo and N’s shot, Leo is shown staring directly at the camera, with N standing next to him. Viewers can feel the idols’s charisma shining through the photo. Meanwhile, Hongbin’s shot captures the singer pressing his hands forlornly on a glass window. The group shot is no less stunning, with members gathered in various poses around a table in a dark room.

vixx 2 vixx 3

When asked what was their secret towards differentiating themselves from other idols, VIXX answered that they have a “distinct color” to their music and activities. Member Leo added that, “You can’t win with [the music] alone. The reason VIXX was able to survive is because you’re able to see our distinct color the minute you look at us.”

When asked where they thought VIXX was in terms of success, the members expressed that they still “had a long way to go. Leo commented that “Although we think to ourselves that we’ve already debuted four years, it seems like when the public sees us they think ‘aren’t they a recently debuted rookie group?’ Because of that VIXX still has a long way to go.”

VIXX’s pictorial can be found in the physical edition of High Cut, on sale now, along with the digital edition, which is due to be available online on December 22.

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