MBC Says Plans for Next “Idol Star Athletics Championship” Are Still Up in the Air

It was reported on December 18 that the MBC “Idol Star Athletics Championships” would continue for the Lunar New Year. However, MBC later disputed the report, saying that no plans have been finalized.

The initial report came from an industry insider, who said that the “Idol Star Athletics Championships” would be filmed over two days on January 18 and 19 of next year and would broadcast over the Lunar New Year holiday.

A representative from MBC dismissed the reports in a statement, saying, “Nothing for the Lunar New Year special has been decided upon yet. The organizational plans are still up in the air, and we still have yet to determine a filming date.”

“Idol Star Athletics Championships” has been a wildly popular holiday special since its inception around the Chuseok holiday in 2010. The 2015 Chuseok special reached the number one spot in the ratings for holiday programming on September 28 with 9.2 percent.

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