Go Ara Opens Up About Working With Yoo Seung Ho

Go Ara recently participated in a pictorial for fashion magazine CeCi, also appearing as CeCi China’s cover girl. Dressed in pure white with a bold sheer look, the actress looks and feels like spring on the white set surrounded by flowers.

She made her pictorial debut with CeCi as a young girl and returned with a more mature look in her twenties, talking about her upcoming film, “Joseon Magician.”

go ara

go ara

On her chemistry with Yoo Seung Ho, the lead actor, she said, “Yoo Seung Ho and I both started acting when we were young, so we shared similar memories of being the youngest on set. Because we had some similar habits, we matched well.”

“During our first staff dinner, he approached me like I was his older sister,” she added. “He called me ‘noona’ on set but when we started filming, he felt like a dependable lead actor.”

She also praises his willpower and thoughtfulness in an anecdote from the filming. “One note, we were tied on wires for 24 hours, but in order to protect his co-actor he put up with more tugging on his end. When the filming finished, all he said was, ‘Wow,’ but you could feel how much he suffered.”

“Joseon Magician” will be released in theaters on December 30 in Korea.

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