B1A4’s Jinyoung Reveals His Happy Concerns to His Fans

B1A4’s Jinyoung expressed his satisfaction towards his happy life.

On the episode of “Jinyoung and Real Bana Stick Together Like a Magnet” aired on December 19 through Naver’s V App, Jinyoung offers advice for his fans. While consulting, he reveals the book “The Solution to Life,” which provides an answer to a question when a random page is opened.

Jinyoung reveals his concern, saying, “I’m worried that my life is way too happy,” then opens up the book.

The first answer he receives is “Never.” Unsatisfied with his answer, he tries again and receives the answer, “You know better right now than you ever did.”

“I guess it means that my fans know the best that I’m happy right now? I’m going to believe that is what it means,” Jinyoung says.

Jinyoung 2

Watch the entire show in the video below!

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