EXO’s D.O and Kim So Hyun’s Upcoming Movie Stills Revealed

The movie “Pure Love” with its fantastic cast lineup and complete transformation of actors revealed new movie stills. 

“Pure Love” is about a letter a radio DJ receives during his show. It’s a letter from 23 years ago that transcends time and brings back feelings of first love and friendships. EXO’s D.O portrays Bum Shil who is blunt yet has tender and loyal heart for a girl. The girl with a beautiful voice Soo Ok is portrayed by actress Kim So Hyun. This is the first time the two actors are working together. The pairing is expected to leave audiences with memories of tender first love to reminisce.

D.O-kim so hyun-movie stills

The rest of the cast members include Yeon Joon Seok, Lee David, Joo Da Young, Park Yong Woo, Park Hae Joon, Lee Beom Soo, and Kim Ji Ho with their in-depth acting skills.

The movie takes place in the beautiful Goheung County of Jeollanamdo Province. There are memorable pop songs like “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas, “Take on me” by A-ha, Shin Hae Chul’s “A Summer Story,” and Kang Susie’s “Violet Fragrance” featured in the movie that will press on the viewers’ heartstrings. It is confirmed to open in February 2016.

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