TWICE, GFRIEND and Lovelyz Attempt to Make Heechul Blush on “Weekly Idol”

On the Christmas special of “Weekly Idol,” the girls of TWICE, Lovelyz, and GFRIEND all take a crack at making Super Junior‘s Heechul‘s heart race.

Lovelyz members take up the challenge first, to some success. Member Kei is especially successful, making Heechul’s heart rate climb to 142 beats per minute with some aegyo. GFRIEND follow after, only to be shot down as Heechul says they’re more like siblings to him.

Heechul Lovelyz


TWICE takes up the bat last, having Tzuyu, Nayeon, and Dahyun gang up on him with a triple-threat of aegyo. While they are strong contenders, they come up just short of Lovelyz’s score, making Heechul’s heart beat climb to 141 beats per minute.

Heechul TWICE

Poor Heechul must have been quite flustered at all the pretty girls trying to make him blush!
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