Super Junior’s Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun Celebrate Their 1-Year Wedding Anniversary

Musical actress Kim Sa Eun revealed a photo with her husband, Super Junior’s Sungmin, celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Kim Sa Eun posted on her Facebook on December 23, saying, “There are some things that get better with time. Good people and good memories. Thank you to the people at The Raum for giving us such a touching gift. It was unexpected.”

She posted a picture with her husband along with the comment, “People who leave me with warm feelings in my heart, I think of you in December. We will repay you next year, and Merry Christmas.”

The couple visited their wedding ceremony venue together to celebrate their first year together. Sungmin, who is on break from his military duty, is smiling brightly sitting next to his beautiful wife. Kim Sa Eun expresses her happiness showing a “V” sign with her hand.

Sungmin and Kim Sa Eun got married last December, and Sungmin entered the military to fulfill his duty this past March.

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