Exclusive: April Plays K-pop “Heads Up” and Wishes You a Merry Christmas

When the Soompi team first learned that we would be interviewing April, we asked if they would be willing to play a fun game to test their knowledge of famous K-pop dance moves. Surprisingly (for a rookie group!), they were totally up for it. And they killed it – well, perhaps not all the dances, but they did manage to charm everyone in the vicinity with tons of positive energy and a great sense of humor. Even in this short interview, you’ll be able to get a sense of the members’ distinct characteristics, from outgoing oldest member Chaewon to maknae Jinsol, whose thoughts are never far from food. Sadly, vocalist Naeun was sick and couldn’t make it. We hope she recovers well in time to enjoy the holidays!

Watch the video here:

And April’s “Snowman” MV:

We wish all Soompiers a very merry Christmas! Hope you enjoyed the interview and continue supporting April!