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Some shocking and sad news about the mascot of “Three Meals a Day,” Minki, and her puppy Sapphire was relayed.

While Eddie, Minki’s other puppy, has found a loving home with 2PM‘s Taecyeon, it seems that the other two dogs were not as lucky.

Recently on the official “Three Meals a Day” viewer forum, a post with the title, “Update on Minki and Sapphire” was uploaded. The post contained shocking pictures of Sapphire (above).

In the photo, the poor puppy does not look like he has been cared for at all. His fur is a mess, and he looks like he has no energy.

The original poster revealed that he had gone to visit the puppies, only to find them in a bad state. The netizen said, “The grandmother who owned Minki sold her off for 100,000 won (approximately $86).” It seemed like the previous owner did not keep track of Minki, so it is unknown where Minki is at this point. While Sapphire remains with the grandmother, the poster revealed that Sapphire was being kept in awful condition, saying, “[Sapphire] was crawling with ticks. He looked weaker and more down than the other dogs there.”

The poster then asked for help, saying, “It would be great if we could send Sapphire some essential equipment and medication. He needs continuous help and love instead of just being a cute thing on display.”

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