INFINITE’s Sunggyu to Surprise Members with Hidden Camera Event on “INFINITE Showtime”

On the upcoming December 31 episode of “INFINITE Showtime” leader Sunggyu prepared a surprise hidden camera event for the members of INFINITE. In order to plan for the surprise, Sunggyu began plotting the event prior to filming.

On the day of the event, the other members were told that Sunggyu wasn’t able to participate in filming for “Showtime” because of another schedule. The remaining members were then told that they would be filming a mokbang (eating program) relay of the member’s favorite restaurants without him. They were told they were to go to Sunggyu’s favorite first.


Using the excuse of having another filming, Sunggyu arrived first at the restaurants and began preparing for the surprise. In interviews leading up to the event, members were asked which people in their lives had made a biggest impact on them and who they were most thankful for. Sunggyu then arranged a meeting with those people, as INFINITE members aren’t normally able to meet them.

In actuality, the restaurant was actually picked for filming. Despite the members being told that they were going to one of Sunggyu’s favorite places to eat, Sunggyu had never eaten there before. Therefore, the members were suspicious upon arriving because the menu of the restaurant was the complete opposite of the foods Sunggyu usually likes to eat. However, after seeing his autograph on the wall they quelled their doubts and began eating.

At the same time, Sunggyu monitored the members from the other side of the restaurant and anxiously prepared for his surprise.

The full hidden-camera event and member’s reactions will be revealed on this week’s episode of “INFINITE Showtime.” Make sure you tune in!

* An earlier version of this article misstated information relating to the content of the surprise event and has been corrected for accuracy.

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