The First New Celebrity Couple of 2016 is Revealed

In some breaking news, we have our first celebrity couple reveal of 2016!

Comedian Jang Dong Min and singer Navi appeared on tvN’s live show “Selling Broadcast Company Time” on December 31 and had a surprise announcement!

When Lee Sang Min asked the two about the image of them together that had generated dating rumors in the past, Jang Dong Min looked flustered before admitting that he and Navi are in fact dating. Lee Sang Min was shocked and had to ask, “is this a joke? For real?” Luckily, Jang Dong Min assured him that it was true.

Yoo Se Yoon further confirmed the dating story, adding: “These two are meeting carefully.”

The couple was adorable together as well, check out a cut from the show below to see their interaction! Congratulations to the first couple of 2016!