Liam Neeson Will Visit Korea to Film in January

On December 31, news outlet Star Today reported that Hollywood star Liam Neeson will visit Korea to film “The Battle of Incheon” in mid-January.

According to “The Battle of Incheon” production team, Liam Neeson will start filming on January 11, 2016.

Liam Neeson is a world famous action star whose works include the “Taken” series, “Batman Begins,” “Non-Stop” among many others.

He has many fans in Korea as well. Many are highly expectant of how he will appear in the upcoming movie.

Liam Neeson will portray General MacArthur in the “The Battle of Incheon.”

General MacArthur was the UN Forces Commander in 1950. The South Korean army was facing sure defeat against the North Koreans as the South Korean army was retreating all the way down to the Nakdong River within the first month of the war. At that very moment, the UN Forces under the command of General MacArthur led the operation now known as “The Battle of Incheon” hitting the center of the area occupied by the North Korean army.

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