High School Students Physically Abuse Teacher in Viral Video

A video has recently gone viral that shows high school students beating their teacher during class.

Several male students in a high school in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea are seen in the video hitting the teacher with a broom, as well as poking, slapping, and swearing at him as he stands at the front of the classroom. Other students are heard laughing and saying, “That must hurt!”

After the video went viral and the media reported on the incident, the students are said to have admitted to their crimes. Five of the perpetrators, including the student who filmed and uploaded the video, have now been booked without detention by the police.

The teacher in the video has stated that he does not want the students to be punished as criminals, however, many educators are calling for strong measures to be taken in response to this incident in order to preserve the authority of teachers.

What do you think should be the response to the actions of these students?

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