KARA Members’ Contracts Coming to an End With DSP Media

Gyuri, Goo Hara and Seungyeon‘s contracts are coming to an end with DSP Media, and many are wondering what will happen to KARA.

According to an insider, the three plan to tell DSP Media their decision some time this month. Youngji‘s contract has not ended yet because she joined KARA later. However, if Gyuri, Goo Hara, and Seungyeon decide to leave DSP Media, it will mean that KARA is no longer a group.

As of right now, their position is uncertain. KARA has not promoted after their Japan tour last September. They did release their seventh mini-album “In Love” in May, but they haven’t appeared in any end-of-the-year events.

There are rumors that say the members looked into other agencies in the meantime. DSP Media has been careful and hasn’t confirmed or announced anything about the members’ whereabouts.

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