Watch: “Music Core” 1.2.16: BTS, Lovelyz, UP10TION, and More

Today’s performing artists on MBC’s “Music Core” include BTS, Lovelyz, UP10TION, Laboum, Royal Pirates, B.I.G, Lee Ye Joon, Road Boyz, RionFive, Purfles, Super Kidd, K-Much, Jangmi, Sookhee, CocoSori, and Hooni Yoongi.

Watch it streaming live below!

Watch individual performances below!

BTS – “Butterfly” and “RUN”

UP10TION – “Catch Me”

Lovelyz – “For You” and “Ah-Choo”

Laboum – “Aalow Aalow”

Royal Pirates – “Run Away”

RionFive – “TukTukTuk”

B.I.G – “Taola”

Road Boyz – “Show Me Bang Bang”

Purfles – “Bad Girl”

K-Much – “Tie My Hands”

Super Kidd – “Drunken Night”

Lee Ye Joon – “Beautiful Lady”

Hooni Yoongi – “Sea of Tear Drops”

CocoSori – “Dark Circle”

Jang Mi – “Honey”

Sookhee featuring Postmen’s Seongtae – “When Winter Comes”

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