VIXX’s Ravi Hints at Upcoming Mixtape Release

Update 9:30 p.m. KST: Ravi has revealed the first track of his upcoming mixtape!

Ravi posted another teaser to his Instagram, revealing that the first track is titled “Where Should I Go” featuring hip-hop artist Microdot. Ravi played a hand in all aspects of the production of the song, from lyrics to composition to arrangement.

Are you pumped for the release of Ravi’s mixtape?

ravi mixtape2

Original article:

VIXX member Ravi, who is known for producing much of VIXX’s music, will soon be releasing his own mixtape!

Ravi previously wrote lyrics for almost every song on VIXX’s most recent studio album, “Chained Up,” and also participated with Melody Day, whose newest album dropped on December 28. Ravi posted a teaser of his upcoming mixtape, titled “R.EBIRTH,” to his personal Instagram account, adding the caption, “#REBIRTH Coming soon.”

vixx ravi mixtape

According to the teaser, it seems the tracks will be released one at a time. The first date is visible on the teaser photo, but the rest of the days are obscured. Fans will just have to wait until January 4 to find out what Ravi’s cryptic hint means!

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