The Top 5 Unstoppable CF Queens of 2015

Who would you hire as a CF model? Perhaps AOA‘s sexy Seolhyun? Veteran CF actress Suzy, with her girl-next-door charm? Maybe you’d choose the fresh-faced Tzuyu from TWICE or even adorable aegyo master Hyeri from Girl’s Day. Becoming a CF queen is getting harder and harder for idols because of increased competition in the industry. However, the Korean public has become enamored with these K-pop stars, recognizing them as the top CF queens of 2015.

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Hyeri has been snapping up CF deals left and right ever since her “Real Man” aegyo video went viral in 2014. Since then, she has become the face of numerous brands, including 7-Eleven and housing app “Dabang,” making it nearly impossible to go anywhere in Seoul without seeing her face.

Hyeri subway

By March 2015, she had amassed a total of 10 solo CF deals, earning an estimated $1.8 million.

AOA’s Seolhyun

AOA have frequently been called the No. 1 CF queens of 2015. In addition to group endorsement deals, members Seolhyun, Choa, and Jimin have also starred in individual CFs.

Spotting Seolhyun on the streets of Seoul is easy due to her position as the main model of SK Telecom, the largest cell phone provider in Korea. Life-size cardboard cutouts of the sexy star can be seen in each of the company’s stores, enticing customers to enter.

Seolhyun cardboard cutout SK Telecom

Some people have even tried to steal or illegally sell the cardboard cutouts online.

Although Seolhyun has a ton of CF deals, she revealed in a recent interview that she hasn’t earned much from them.



TWICE have been proving themselves unstoppable rookies with a total of 10 CFs, even though the group only debuted in late October. The brands represented by the group include cosmetics, cell phones, video games, clothing, and more, with the group earning nearly $1.55 million from CF contracts alone.

Although not all the CFs have been filmed yet, they’ll surely be released sometime in the next few months!

Fans have remarked that one member in particular, Tzuyu, will become a future solo CF queen due to her looks and similarities with AOA’s Seolhyun. However, other fans want to avoid comparisons altogether.

EXID’s Hani

Following the popualrity of Hani’s viral fancam in 2014, EXID were cast as models for numerous brands, including Pepsi, ramen, vacation resorts, sportswear, and more.

Their greatest achievement was perhaps making ice cream look sexy in this CF that went viral:

In addition to group CFs, Hani has also been made the model of mobile video game Clash of Kings.

miss A’s Suzy

Suzy has been a CF queen for years, and 2015 was no different. She starred in ads for everyday products like cosmetics and chicken, to more obscure items like GPS devices and kimchi refrigerators. She appeared in over 40 different CFs in 2015 alone (including multiple CFs from the same company).

In addition to solo CFs, Suzy has also collaborated with other top stars for ads, such as Lee Jong Suk. If only Suzy had an identical twin sister.

suzy and lee jong suk

Suzy’s CF compilation from January to June:

and from June to December:

Although Suzy’s total earnings for 2015 have not been revealed, she did reach a total of $10 million in endorsement deals in 2013, so she is sure to be even more successful now.

Who do you think will be the top CF queen of 2016?

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