Rainbow’s Jisook Teaches You How to Do Makeup Like a K-pop Idol

Rainbow’s Jisook has released a K-pop idol makeup tutorial for the latest episode of her how-to show, “Coming Sook.” While idol makeup tutorials are a dime a dozen, what makes this one special is that it’s done by an actual K-pop idol (and is therefore legit). And Jisook possesses a natural talent as a TV host, cracking jokes about her lipstick-less pallor, or referencing Bob Ross (whom Koreans fondly refer to as “Bob ahjussi”) as she paints her face.

First, Jisook takes you through the steps and products she uses to achieve a natural, everyday makeup look. Next, for those who prefer a more dramatic style, she intensifies the look with dark red lipstick and false lashes. Whether you’ve watched every makeup tutorial on the planet, or none at all, it’s fun to watch!

In past episodes, Jisook has created nail art, DIY customized shoes, and, naturally, a rainbow cake for Rainbow’s sixth anniversary.