Daebak Gets Into Trouble for the First Time on “The Return of Superman”

On the recent episode of “The Return of Superman” on January 3, the innocent Daebak finally got himself into trouble!

During the show, Lee Dong Gook has his hands full taking care of Seol Ah and Su Ah. When his dad isn’t looking, Daebak opens the kitchen drawers and starts looking through them.

the return of superman1

He ends up finding a bunch of trash bags and drops them all over the floor. His dad then calls out his name, and Daebak gets startled.

the return of superman2

Daebak leaves the scene of the crime quietly, and Lee Dong Gook comes over to the kitchen sensing that something is wrong. When he sees what Daebak has done, he says, “That’s right. It’s about time Daebak creates trouble,” and laughs.

the return of superman3

Now that Daebak is walking, this may be just the start of his mischief!

Catch up to the latest episode here!

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