EXO’s D.O. Reveals His Thoughts on Filming “Pure Love” and Press Conference Photos Released

Photos are out from the first press conference for the movie “Pure Love!” The movie stars EXO’s D.O., credited under his real name Do Kyung Soo, and actress Kim So Hyun.

In the movie “Pure Love,” a 23-year old letter gets delivered to a live music show. Following the delivery of the letter, viewers are brought back to the first love and friendships of five friends.

At the press conference held today on January 4, D.O. gave his thoughts on filming for the movie confessing that “This time was my first time acting as the protagonist, in actuality, I was very nervous and I felt quite burdened. But, the people next to me, my friends, sunbaes, the director, and staff really helped me a lot. Because [they] worked so hard on the filming [of the movie], I wanted to finish well [and do a good job].”

Check out the pictures from the press conference below featuring both the singer-actor and Kim So Hyun!

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do 2 do 3 do kim so hyun 2 kim so hyun 3 kim so hyun

Photo Credits: Star Daily News

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