“Unpretty Rapstar” to Return With Third Season

“Unpretty Rapstar” will be back with another season.

According to an affiliate, Mnet will broadcast “Show Me the Money 5” in May and then air “Unpretty Rapstar 3” in the latter half of this year. “Unpretty Rapstar” first started off as a spin-off show of “Show Me the Money,” but its rising popularity has made yet another season possible.

Many talented hip-hop artists were in the spotlight thanks to “Unpretty Rapstar,” not just Cheetah and Truedy who were the winners of season one and two respectively. Many fans especially loved this show because only female rappers appeared and showed their feisty sides to audiences.

The only con about “Unpretty Rapstar” is that Mnet, who is in charge of the show, is known for misleading the audience by purposefully editing scenes to make someone have a certain image or reputation. The audience will have to stay tuned to find out how its third season will turn out.

Are you excited for the new season?

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