EXO’s D.O and Kim So Hyun Experience Bittersweet First Love in New “Pure Love” Posters

Mark your calendars because “Pure Love” has been confirmed to be released on February 24.

In the first two posters revealed for the movie, the bittersweet feelings of first love and the friendship of five friends are well represented. The poster with EXO’D.O and Kim So Hyun especially gives viewers a peek into their love, which lasts over the span of 23 years.

In the poster, Beom Shil (D.O) has a sad look in his eyes despite his smile, Hyung Joon (Park Yong Woo) is lost in his memories while wearing headphones, and Soo Ok (Kim So Hyun) looks like the embodiment of a guy’s first love. The copy underneath says, “I heard the voice of my first love from 23 years ago on the radio…,” indicating that the radio will be the connecting piece between the past and present.

poster 1

In the other poster, the five friends have their heads together with wide smiles on their face. The sight of them together makes viewers curious of how their 1991 looked like with friends by their side. Along with D.O and Kim So Hyun, Yeon Joon Suk, Lee Da Won, and Joo Da Young make up the group of friends and will be showing off their charms in the movie.

poster 2

Meanwhile, “Pure Love” is a movie held around a letter from 23 years ago that is delivered to the DJ of a live radio show. With flashbacks, screening both the past and the present, the movie will be center around first love and friendship.

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