HIGHGRND Releases Mysterious Clip Titled “Lip Reading”

Epik High member Tablo‘s agency, HIGHGRND, released a mysterious clip on its official YouTube page on January 6.

The short 40-second clip is titled “Lip Reading.” As the title suggests, the actors in the video make no sound although their lips are moving. Sound only appears near the end of the video in the form of melancholy piano chords as a man runs away screaming (soundlessly) with blood running down his face.

The video’s caption reads, “The common understanding is that lip-reading is trying to understand speech by watching the lip and mouth movements of someone speaking when the normal accompanying speech sounds cannot be heard. This has led to the general assumption that lip-reading is, by and large, a preoccupation of the deaf and hard-of-hearing. But psychological and psychophysical studies, together with modern brain imaging techniques, have shown that there is more to lip-reading than meets the proverbial eye.”

What do you think the clip means?

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