Red Velvet’s Joy Makes BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Blush on “We Got Married”

Red Velvet’s Joy playfully teases her virtual husband BTOB’s Yook Sungjae on January 9’s episode of “We Got Married.”

The pair are traveling in Hainan, where they take a romantic cable car ride while heading to an island that is a nature reserve for monkeys. Despite the beautiful scenery that surrounds them, Joy keeps trying to get Yook Sungjae to look at her.

“If you’re all done looking at the scenery, look at me,” she says. Yook Sungjae glances at her but then quickly turns his head to look elsewhere. “Isn’t that cool?” he says, pointing at the scenery. “We have to imprint this into our memories.”

“Have you imprinted it?” asks Joy. “Then look at me now!”

yook sungjae joy wgm

“You’re already imprinted in my mind,” replies Yook Sungjae. It’s not enough for Joy though, and she keeps teasing him and telling him to look at her.

When she makes a joke about the fact that they are all alone together in the cable car without others watching, Yook Sungjae asks, “What could we do?” In reply, she just gives him a forward look, and Yook Sungjae blushes. “You look like you used to a long time ago!” Joy laughs, and then does an imitation of his awkward gestures from when they were in their early days of their virtual marriage.

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“I just teased him a little bit, but his face got all red and he was so embarrassed,” says Joy in her interview. “It was so cute to see him like that, so I kept teasing him.”

Watch the clip below!

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