Broadcasting Error During “Infinite Challenge” Startles Viewers

On the January 9 episode of MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” a broadcasting accident occurred while the special “Variety Show General Assembly” was taking place.

infinite challenge error

As the members of the panel are joking that Kim Gura is talking too much and they pretend to try to turn him off with a remote control, a video that is completely irrelevant to the topic comes up suddenly on screen. It seems to be about the safe use of gas, and lasts for about four seconds before the show continues as normal. This occurrence startled the viewers who were watching the show at home.

infinite challenge-broadcasting accident

Netizens posted various comments about the accident, including, “I was so startled,” “I thought it was breaking news,” “Is Yoo Jae Suk going to have to apologize again?” and “I thought I pressed my remote control by mistake.”

MBC has now commented on the incident. A representative states, “We apologize for the fact that the broadcast was momentarily irregular due to technical difficulties. We will take caution so that in the future this sort of incident does not occur again.”

Guests for this episode include comedians Lee Kyung Kyu, Kim Gura, Kim Sook, Kim Young Chul, Park Na Rae, Yoon Jung Soo, entertainer Seo Jang Hoon, and singer Yoon Jong Shin.

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