Baek Seo Woo Shows Off Cute Impressions on “Oh! My Baby”

On January 9’s episode of “Oh! My Baby,” actress Jung Si Ah and actor Baek Do Bin’s adorable three year old Baek Seo Woo shows off her own acting talents!

While Baek Do Bin is making breakfast in the kitchen, Jung Si Ah and Baek Seo Woo play in the living room. As she waves a toy wand in the air, Jung Si Ah says to Baek Seo Woo, “Abracadabra, now you’re a tiger!”

Baek Seo Woo immediately roars like a tiger, before her mom says “You’re a chick!” and Baek Seo Woo transforms again. She chirps like a chick, cuddling up to Jung Si Ah. Baek Seo Woo then turns into a princess, a mountain, and a baby!

baek seo woo

“How do you do a baby dinosaur?” asks Jung Si Ah, and Baek Seo Woo runs behind their sofa. She returns hunched over like a tyrannosaurus and making ferocious sounds.

baek seo woo 3

Check out Baek Seo Woo’s adorable play time below!

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