This Week in K-Pop MV Releases – January Week 2

Music video releases this week seem to have a reoccurring theme of couples.

Suzy and Baekhyun‘s special duet track “Dream” is likely to be a favorite among many due to their star power and mixing of JYP and SM artists.

We get to see the ever popular Monday Couple in Gary‘s music video for “Lonely Night,” which stars both Gary and Song Ji Hyo.

K.Will and Davichi also revealed their collaboration track “You Call It Romance,” while mixed hip-hop unit Lucky J made their long awaited comeback.

Which music video was your favorite release this week?

Dal Shabet – “Someone Like U”

Suzy & Baekhyun – “Dream”

K.Will & Davichi – “You Call It Romance”

GARY- “Lonely Night” feat. GAEKO

Lucky J – “No Love”


Seo Ye Ahn – “Permeate”
Rooftop House Studio – “Whenever, That Time” Feat. Ben
Kyuhyun – 발길을 뗄 수 없으면 (Musical)
GIRIBOY – “You Look So Good To Me” Feat. Swings
CocoSori – “DarkCircle”
April – “Snowman” Dance Ver
Z-UK X HIGHTOP – “My Answer Is”
Louie (Geeks), Lee Hyun Woo – “Your Face”
GIRIBOY- “Hogu” (Prod. by Fisherman of wybh) Feat. BrotherSu
MONSTA X – “Get Crooked” (Selfcam ver.)
Junsu – “Fresh Blood” (Dracula Musical)
Anda – “Taxi”
Jooyoung(주영) _ Can you hear me?(들리나요) (Remember(리멤버 – 아들의 전쟁) OST Part.2)
FlaShe – “Lip Bomb”


BIGBANG – “Bang Bang Bang” (Japanese Ver.)
BIGBANG – “Loser” (Japanese Ver.)
GUNWOO – “I AM 27”

kpop new mv dec week 4

December Week 5:

Choa’s “Flame” was the favorite music video last time with 25 percent of the vote. Yoon Mi Rae ‘s “This Love,” Hyolyn, Bumkey, and Jooyoung‘s “Love Line” and Minah & Minhyuk‘s “How Do You Know” each had nearly 20 percent.

This week we saw iKON comeback with two music videos. TURBO also made their highly anticipated comeback after a 15-year hiatus. April released a special Christmas music video while 2PM’s Jun.K released “Love Letter” as a gift to fans.

iKON – “Dumb and Dumber”

iKON – “What’s Wrong”

Turbo – “Again” Featuring Yoo Jae Suk, MV Starring Lee Kwang Soo and Cha Tae Hyun. Also see “Hide and Seek”

April – “Snowman”

Jun.K – “Love Letter”

UNIQ – “Happy New Year”

Sojin (Girl’s Day) – “Every Day With You” ~ Reply 1988 OST

The Quiett – “1 Life 2 Live” (Hip-hop)
지구인 & 행주 – SANTA (Hip-hop)
Hyorin – “Turnaround” ~ The Little Princess OST
Jung Key, Gummy, Sisqo – “Without You” (R&B)
G2 – 식구 (Feat. B-Free, Okasian, Reddy, Huckleberry P, Paloalto, Sway D & DJ Djanga) (Hip-hop)
Zoltan – MAD DOG (Feat. Jang So Jung) (Hip-hop)
Hoon (U-KISS) – “Bus” (Ballad)
NaShow – Show Live Vol.003 (24PUNCHLINE) (Hip-hop)
Pretty Brown – “No One Like Him” (R&B)
Gummy – “Would You Love Me” ~ The Magician OST
San E – “Do It For Fun” (Hip-hop)
Kim Greem – “Butterfly” (R&B)
It’s – “High Heel” (Ballad)

BEAST – “Stay Forever Young”

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